Cpl. Anastasia Romero (ロメロ アナスタシア伍長), known as Anne (アン An), or Anne-chan (アンちゃん Anchan) is Pink Cosmo (ピンクコスモ Pinku Kosumo) of the Cosmomen.

As Pink Cosmo Edit

Arsenal Edit

  • CMG-1-005 Sphinx Cosmo Card - Anne's personal Cosmo Card.
  • CMG-2-001 Cosmo Transer - Used to transform and perform attacks.

Attacks Edit

  • With Sphinx Cosmo Card
  • Sphinx's Judgment - Pink Cosmo's Takedown attack. She summons a giant energy projection of a Sphinx, which fires powerful laser beams from both of its eyes.

Key Traits Edit

  • Can't be easly amused by anything.
  • She can be sharp-tounged, willing to attack psychologically allies and enemies alike.
  • She's really, really smart.
  • Sarcastic as hecc
  • She can stop someone from moving at will, releasing them as long as said someone answers her riddles.
  • Really curious.
  • Nonetheless, she is pretty wise.
  • Strategist, able to come up with plans.
  • Likes to eat sweets, yet she is self-counscious about her weight.
  • She was a bit loney during her time at school. Her reason was that she didn't want any unnecessary problems.
  • She did have one friend, a Kitsune Star Human.

Other stuff Edit

  • Long black hair, straight fringe; she wears her hair in a variety of styles, however.


  • Favourite type of music: Indie Rock music, like OK GO, for example.
  • Favourite food: crepes.
  • Favourite color: pink.
  • Favourite animals: rabbittanks
  • Least favourite animals: crocodiles.
  • Hobbies: solving crossword puzzles, solving math problems, riddles, Rube Goldberg machines.