• Romina
    • Blonde magician girl who defeats evil monsters (among other things) for a living.
    • She is 24 years old, and she goes to school.
      • She is confident, taking pride in her abilities and experience when it comes to completing any quest she's in.
        • "I've been doing this for 10 years; do you really think that I can't do this quest myself?"
      • She doesn't apparently need external weapons, relying largely on her powers.
        • "Do you really think I need those inhumanly big swords and scythes?"
      • She's sarcastic and smug, willing to roast opponents whenever she sees fit.
        • "Oh, look at you, the 'fiercest monster in town'! You couldn't scratch a wall."
      • She develops a crush with the Knight guy. Funny.
      • She has heterochromia; a blue human left eye and a red "inhuman" right eye.
        • This is a result of an accident that happened at age 16 during a quest, where she lost her right eye; they gifted her with an "inhuman" eye afterwards, even when she initially wanted to have her missing blue eye again.
        • Said eye allows her to perform techniques that humans aren't able to, like time manipulation, etc.
      • Always visits a Bar in her town after school.
    • Her abilities are as follows:
      • Elemental manipulation: fire, air, air, earth and lightning.
      • With her right eye: time manipulation, cloning, gravity manipulation, restoration of places (ala crazy diamond from jojo)...
        • However, using these skills exhausts her in varying degrees.
    • Additionally, she usually keeps a book nearby.
      • Mainly to keep spell circles, read and send messages to others.
  • Angela
    • Dark-Skinned Archer
      • Has a sister with partial Vitiligo.
      • Super cute and bubbly, also innocent.
      • Also mischevious
    • Her abilities include:
      • Bow and arrow mastery.
      • Proficience in alchemy
        • Although is used mostly to make new arrows and bows when needed.
    • Knight, parody of the Shonen protag stereotype.
      • He develops a crush on Romina, but he denies it outright; he is a bit tsundere.
        • "Y-You're wrong! I did it 'cause that's what a knight should do!"
      • He is afraid of snakes.
    • His abilities include:
      • Swordmanship
        • Elemental swordmanship, aka swordmanship plus elemental powers.
      • He can cook really well.
    • Tall shaman
      • Appears as someone aloof, quiet even, but is actually nice and selfless.
      • He desires to help anyone, no matter what happens or who he/she is.
    • His abilities are as follows:
      • With his trusty staff, healing, spirit summoning, mind control, portal control...
      • Ability to play the flute.
        • Also, he is a snakecharmer.

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