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Story breakdown Edit

Here's the breakdown breakdown (WAIT IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?!) of the story.

Clashing Fangs arc Edit

Twins Eva and Marco Ivanovich investigate the reasons behind what appears to be a war, where its winner bears the title of "Beastsweeper". The twins are reluctant to fight at first, but they eventually decide to fight in order to know more about this war.

  • The father of the main protagonists, czech twins Eva and Marco Ivanovich, dies. Their children mourn his loss, but they move on quickly afterwards.
  • Months later, a dragon-like being appears next to the twins; for some reason, they realize that this dragon-like being is actually their dad. Or something like that.
    • The twins are quick to ask him questions about this; he doesn't know.
  • The twins continue their lives as students for the next months alongside their blonde classmate (her name is Ines), who has a strange beast just like the twins.
  • During this period, they hear from the news that strange beasts are fighting to death in the streets of Prague.
  • The twins find something's not right about these battles, so they decide to investigate them and look for answers.
    • First, they start asking their classmates in their school about this.
      • This yields them no answers, but Irena tells them that she has a beast like the twins; it's called a "Spirit Beast".
      • Having noticed about this, another guy from the same school meets the twins; his name is Bill, and he has a Spirit Beast just like Eva, Marco and Ines.


  • A girl watches a battle from afar, learning that one of these Beasts are named DragoKing and its Squires are the Ivanobros. She is interested in joining them, then runs away in her bike.
    • Afterwards, the girl encounters the Ivanobros in a czech park. After surprising the bros, she reveals that she knows about this Spirit Beast thing; she has one as well.
    • The Ivanobros asks the girl some questions; she doesn't know much, but she offers to join the bros after the bros explain the girl about their motive.
    • She and the bros introduce themselves; the girl is named Sofia Falco; the brothers are named Eva and Marco.


  • A foreign traveler challenges the group to a Spirit Beast battle.
    • The Ivanobros are quick to demand answers from him.
    • After the battle, the foreign traveler offers to join the pack after he introduces himself as Oliver.


  • A Squire offers the group a special item if they win.
    • They win, and they recieve the thing from the Squire as well; it's a flower thing.


Petals of Glass arc Edit

Upon gaining this flower thing, the gang decides to look for more answers from Soulkeepers, beings who develop the Spirit Beings using the souls of those who died before. However, an unknown Spirit Being enters the scene, wanting the flower thing for his own means.

  • Using this flower thing, they access the world of the ones who "revived" their father, known as the Spirit Keepers.
    • There, they ask stuff about the Spirit Beings and all that jazz.
    • The Ivanobros demand to know if the Soulkeepers are actually evil. While rendering the bros inmobile (and mouthless (think matrix)), the local Soulkeeper declares that they don't serve good or evil at all; all they do is develop the Spirit Beings upon recieving the souls. Later, they allow them to move and speak.
      • The Ivanobros are a bit annoyed at the Soulkeeper, but Oliver attemp to calm those two, while apologizing for that question.
    • Just then, Ines decides to ask if the Soulkeepers know about Silverstar and its CEO, as they might be related to the Beastsweeper War.
      • The Soulkeepers know that they don't know much about this "Silverstar" thing.
    • Just then//

World Tour arc Edit


  • A crack in the sky appears; happens to be a portal to another warudo.
  • A monster demands the flowery thingy from the ivanogroup, wanting to dominate all of the worlds.
    • The monster chases the ivanogroup just for the thingie.
    • Remembering that another of these flowery can be made, Adam breaks the thing, angering the monster who now wants to kill the group.
      • However, the Ivanobros reach a deal with the monster thing; they make a new one if he gives the group everything he knows about the Beastsweeper thing.
      • One of the Ivanogroup has an idea concerning this: using the flower thing they can travel to new worlds, which leads them to more answers concerning this.
        • To that effect, the monster offers himself to work with the group, while introducing his Squire.

Target Lock On arc Edit


Characters Edit

Ivanovic Bros' squad Edit

  • Eva Ivanovic - The female protagonist. Able to smeel bee ess from miles away. Curious. Oce she starts something important, she doesn't stop. Knows her brother the best. She is into dancing.
  • Adam Ivanovic - The male protagonist. Able to smell bullschmidt from miles away. Curious. Once he starts something important, he never stops. Knows his sister the best. Has a preference to cars.
  • Ines ?? - The wise deutertagonist. Is a bit thicc, short blonde-black hair and face piercings. She is wise, giving her friends advice often. Loves books, as well as going out with others.
  • Bill Daniels - The funny deutertagonist. Albino from america. Is funny and goofy, as well as a womanizer. A bit impulsive but quite honest and loyal otherwise; has tons of money.
  • Sofia Falco - The pretty deutertagonist. Tall, beautiful and fit, long flowing popushi-esque hair. Cheery with a poise, albeit sometimes sadistic and psycho; pranks others sometimes.
  • Oliver ?? - The friendly deutertagonist. Curly brown hair. Polite, has knowledge of cultures from around the world. Loves books.

Ivanovic's Alies Edit

Ivanovic's Family

  • ?? - Mother of the twins.

At school

  • ?? - Some teeny bopper girl
  • ?? - A boy who has down syndrome, but is honest
  • ?? - Some dude from Bill's class
  • ?? - Two of Bill's friends.


  • ?? - Sofia's father.
  • ?? - Eva's boyfriend.

Ivanovic's Enemies Edit

  • ?? - Main enemy. Has power and wants more power. Perfectionist, seems to treat his competition/subordinates like nothing. Has no apparent morals at all. Literally worse than Hitler. And Murdoch.

Rules of the "game" Edit

These are the rules of this story's elements and how they interact with each other.

Rules of the Spirit Beings Edit

  • A Spirit Being (otherwise called "Spirit Beasts") is a being bearing the "spirit" (i.e. the consciousness and personality) of a previously deceased human,
  • Upon becoming Spirit Beings, they first appear next to the person each Spirit Being has the most affinity with; these persone become Squires, who assist their respective Beings in battle.
  • Their respective abilities and appearance are defined by the traits each one of them had while living as a human.
  • Spirit Beings usually cannot be brought back to life again once they die; however, those who earned a specific merit (honor, experience in battle, etc.) are able to be resurrected for a second time, this time bearing a slightly different name and appearance than before.
  • There might be a wait between the time one person dies and the time said person returns as a Spirit Being.

Character dynamics Edit

  • The twins are prone to ask questions and investigate.
  • The Spirit Keepers are absolutely neutral to the conflict; they neither serve good or evil, only developing the Spirit Beasts and sending them to the other world.

Misc Edit

Organizations Edit

Silverstar Corporation.

  • Mass media conglomerate; more or less the Walt Disney of Prague.
  • Started as a book publishing company in the early 20th century. At the end of Beastsweeper, they slowly revert to a publishing company.
  • Headquarters are the Corinthia Panorama Hotel.

Names: Red Flower, Rose Garden, Crimson Rose, Crimson Media, Millenium Corporation, *Silverstar*, New Century Corporation, Centurion Corporation.

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