Cole Rogers (ロジャーズ・コル Rojāzu Koru), Sgt. Cole (コル軍曹 Koru Gunsō), or just Cole (コル Koru), is Red Cosmo (レッド コスモ Reddo Kosumo), the leader of the Cosmomen.

As Red Cosmo Edit

Arsenal Edit

  • CMG-1-001 Feng Cosmo Card
  • CMG-2-001 Cosmo Transer

Attacks Edit

  • With Feng Cosmo Card

Personality Edit

Key traits Edit

  • He is direct.
  • He is serious and no-nonsense.
  • He is selfless, willing to put his life on the line for the rest.
  • He expects his fellow Cosmomen to be efficient.
  • He is fully commited to his mission, trying to never letting anything personal get in the way.
  • He is able to supress his fears.
  • He is otherwise respectful and does compliment someone when necessary.

Other stuff Edit

  • His goal as a Cosmoman: to preserve peace and justice for everyone, even if it cost him his life.
  • Short, slicked-back hair.
  • Catchphrase: "For peace in the universe!"
  • Favourite type of music: Prog. Rock / 70s rock.
  • Favourite food: Cheesecake.
  • Favourite color: Navy Blue.
  • Favourite animal: Elephant
  • Least favourite animal: Bat
  • Hobbies: Writing poems, fencing, riding elephants.

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