Cosmo Cards (コスモカード Kosumo Kādo) are cards that allow the Cosmoman to transform into such and to harness the powers of other Star Humans.

Overview Edit

Cosmo Cards are an integral part of the Cosmoman Gear System; it allows a Cosmoman to transform into his or her respective Cosmoman form (by using the devices like the Cosmo Transer), as well as it allows him or her to harness the powers of other Star Humans through special techniques.

One particular trait is that for a Cosmo Card to be usable, it has to have the "essence" of a Star Human imprinted into the Card, as the barcodes are not enough (one way to know if a Card has the essence of a Star Human is when one hears a faint pixie dust-like noise when shaking said Card); otherwise, it is unusable.

List Edit

  • CMG-1-001 - Feng - Used mainly by Red Cosmo.
  • CMG-1-002 - Pegasus - Used mainly by Blue Cosmo.
  • CMG-1-003 - Orc - Used mainly Yellow Cosmo.
  • CMG-1-004 - Dragon - Used mainly by Green Cosmo.
  • CMG-1-005 - Sphinx - Used mainly by Pink Cosmo.
  • CMG-1-006 - Unicorn - Two of them exist: one is used mainly by Beat Cosmo, while the other is used by Street Cosmo.
  • CMG-1-007 - Cerberus
  • CMG-1-008 - Shishi
  • CMG-1-009 - Medusa
  • CMG-1-010 - Minotaur
  • CMG-1-011 - Garuda
  • CMG-1-012 - Usagi
  • CMG-1-013 - Mermaid
  • CMG-1-014 - Elf
  • CMG-1-015 - Griffin
  • CMG-1-016 - Hydra
  • CMG-1-017 - Nymph
  • CMG-1-00? - Chimera - Used to combine the Cosmo Machines into robots like Cosmo Mega and Cosmo Fever.