Emi Kurosawa (黒澤恵美 Kurosawa Emi) is Rail X (レーラーエックス Rēru Ekkusu), the sixth member of the Railmen (Tokkyu Sentai Railman).

Motifs: X, Exceed, Streamline Moderne Architecture, Streamline Trains.

Design notes:

  • Colors are black, white, silver and neon orange.
  • Undersuit is Black and white separated either orange or silver subway map-like lines.
  • Chest armor is silver with an X design inspired by either Streamline Moderne or Streamline Trains.
  • Shoulder pads are clearly inspired by Streamline Moderne.
  • Knee and elbow pads are rounded, echoing at least the rounded design of her shoulders.
  • Cuffs of boots and gloves, as well as the rim of her helmet are double lined.
  • Boots and gloves should be mostly black. *Helmet is mostly black with an orange visor and featuring a train conductor cap design.

Naming: Emi chose "Rail X" as a reference to

  • Exceeding the capabilities of the core Railman (stronger than them, for example), considering she first built this as a countermeasure to the Railman Proyect.
  • The X, a variable that represents the unknown, refering to the unpredictable nature of Emi (many know she's Emi, but few know that she's [redacted]).
  • Railroad crossing.


  • She has two personas.
  • While a serious and direct individual, she values the efforts of the Railmen.
  • She is a hard working individual who wants the best for her family.
  • She is also a spy, doing half of her things in complete secrecy, making no one knows about her actions as [redacted].
  • She likes to plan her actions a lot.


  • Rail Exceeder - Rail X's personal changer.
  • Exceed Railman Pass
  • Rail Excecutioner - Rail X's personal matchlock-like weapon.