The civilization Edit

Ancient civilization. It was once the best civilization inthe history if civiizations desu. It mastered electroycity and all the elements, specially before it was commonly used in the modern world. It's source: the spark of the animals, which powered the civilization for all of its several generations. They lived in proper peace and prosperity. Fuve wardians were chosen to be the warriors of the civilization justice, since the powrr civilization was o so powerful, to fdefend the peace and the civilization from hamrm. But eventually, the police in the form of outsiders from germany seemingly vanished all and everything of that civilization y destroying their chilrdren and ending their stuff for good. This wau, the civilization has fallen into obscurity for life, never to be mentioned, remembered, investiagated upon or built stiries upon again. As it seemed to never exist through the subsequent ages of history.

Up in the sky Edit

A spaceship shaped after a bow and arrow is looming over the earth.

"this must be earth, uh?" asked the good boy ownar

"acording to my calculations, yes, it is the earth" replied the woman who is naria

"good, then. a good place to conquer and add to our list" assured the owner who is the bootleg genis-sama

"what should we do, my good lord" asked the non-cubic cubalrusama bootleg to the owner

"it's easy, my friend: one of you will pick his player and send it to the earth and attempt to conquer it" explained the genis-sama bootleg, "but only one of you at a given time"

"interesting it is" said the cubal bootlergreb

"lal leave it to me and my crew" said the cubic azaulrudo bootleg

"i digress, my friendo" cubal bootleg replied to the azalrudlauxlzuzlafo d bootleg, "but i feel like i am going first"

"ecks dee you think that you're going down there?" the cubalrua bootleg replied, "lolsaskek desudesuyo i'm far more suited for this task than you will ever be"

"what proof do you have to back up such saying, my friend?" the alzualzudaldozaldaloruazla bootleg told huis peer

"calm down calm down, there'll be rroom for everyone desu" the owner interrupted, "one of you will go down there, but not npw"

"waw man not me?" azalduo bootled regpliedfd, annoued"

"then who should be tasked with this michon?" the cubal bootleg asked his owner

a megaman wannabe appears into the main room

"it's gonna be me" the megaman bootleg, known as the jagged bootleg, tells the rest

the others turn to see the jagged bootleg

"who the hell are you" the azaldadyudopaud bootleg asked the megaman bootleg

"i'm the megaman bootleg," the megaman bootleg introduces himselfoie "and i'm going down there to crush earth and craft it my way"

"good then" the owner tells the others "but i think we need a plan for that"

"excuse me, good lord?" cubal bootleg replied

"it's not like we're going to blast them down like that right away" the owner bootleg replied back, explaining

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