Jennifer Wilson, or Jenny (ジェニー) is Blue Cosmo (ブルーコスモ Burū Kosumo) of the Cosmomen.

As Blue Cosmo Edit

  • Arsenal
  • CMG-01-002 Pegasus Cosmo Card
  • CMG-02-001 Cosmo Transer
  • Attacks

With Pegasus Cosmo Card

Personality Edit

Key traits Edit

  • She's very proud of her status as a Star Human, and firmly believes that Star Humans are capable to achieve the common good.
  • She's willing to defend those beliefs herself; she's even willing to fught tooth and nail for that end.
  • She gets rather excited when someone mentions Star Humans; likewise, she loses it when someone heavily disses either (or both) Star Humans and her status as such.
  • Additionally, she gets excited the moment she sees a fellow Star Human or when someone tells her that a fellow Star Human is here.
  • She tends to drag along others in her schemes.
  • Becomes attached to someone (i.e. Cole) after a while.
  • Favourite food: chocolate, specially bitter
  • Likes 70s music, specially disco (evem though she's into prog rock like cole)