Is the KRAmazons of Kamen Rider Black or something like that.

Riders Edit

  • Kamen Rider Black Zero
  • Forms: "Black Rider Form", "Bio Rider Form", "Robo Rider Form", "Super Black Rider Form".
  • Is the "Inheritor of the New Era", hence his Rider Designation (ZERO).
  • Civilian name: Tajimi Dan.
  • Equiped with the Revolcane (in Black Rider form), the Revolray pistol (in Robo Rider form) and a Revolclaw (in Bio Rider form).
  • Kamen Rider Red
  • Forms: "Red Rider Form", "Pyro Rider Form", "Rescue Rider Form", "Super Red Rider Form".
  • Is the "Champion of Passion".
  • Kamen Rider Green
  • Forms: "Green Rider Form", "Volt Rider Form", "Storm Rider Form" and tba.
  • Is the "Avatar of the Earth".
  • Kamen Rider Pink
  • Forms: "Pink Rider Form", tba tba and tba.
  • Kamen Rider Indigo
  • Kamen Rider Yellow
  • Kamen Rider Blue
  • Kamen Rider White
  • Kamen Rider Black RX
  • "RX Rider Form", "Super RX Rider Form".
  • Is basically a n older Kotaro Minami.

Hennnshin Edit

1. The Rider equips his Riser Belt (part of the Zero Riser gear). 2. Next, the Rider attaches one of his personal Riser Plates (again, part of the Zero Riser gear) into the Riser Buckle on the Belt. 3. While the standby noise plays, the Rider performs a series of poses while crying out "Henshin!", triggering the transformation. 4. As the Riser Plate flashes and the Buckle announces the Form the Rider is transforming into, a projection of the monster form the Rider assumed before appears on him/her. 5. Lastly, the Rider Suit corresponding to the Plate currently on the Rise Buckle materializes onto the Rider before his Rider Eyes flashes, finishing the transformation.