How they henshin Edit

A flashlight/zecter-like device -which store a rider's data- is activated by pressing a button on its side (ala the gashats from egg-zeido ex-aid) and then set onto a buckle-like device (much like kabuto), triggering the henshin into a Kamen Rider (i.e. Stronger, Tackle)

For finishers, the same side button on the flashlight is pressed.

Riders Edit

Kamen Rider Stronger

  • Motifs: Electricity, Rhinos Beetle
  • Device used: Denshi (nihongo for "Electric")

Kamen Rider Tackle

  • Motifs: Electro-waves, Ladybug
  • Device used: Denpa (nihongo for "Electro-wave")


  • Motifs: Electronic, Stag Beetle
  • Device used: Denshi (nihongo for "Electronic")