Kenshiro (), or Ken (ケン) is Yellow Cosmo (イエローコスモ) of the Cosmomen

As Yellow Cosmo Edit

CMG-1-003 Orc Cosmo Card CMG-2-001 Cosmo Transer

Fury rush - Yellow Cosmo throws a rapid "rush" of punches at the opponent. The more furious Yellow Cosmo is, the more powerful the blows.

Medusa eye - Turns the opponent into stone for 30 seconds.

Personality Edit

Key traits Edit

  • Starts as a hot-head, cools down as the series goes on.
  • He is really competitive, not wanting to lose to anyone in many things.
  • As such, he can be frustrated whenever he loses to someone in those many things.
  • He usually thinks highly of himself.
  • He sometimes shows off like crazy.
  • True to his nature as the Orc Star Human, he has a thirst for war.
  • Otherwise he's quite clumsy, yet honest.

Backstory Edit

  • Has his loved ones killed by the Medusa general thingy; he wants to do the same to said general thingy in revenge.