Kuroto "Kuroi Eguzeido" Dan, also known as Dan the Man is a game developer, known for being the Game Master and a god, thanks to his impressive talents in game developing. Initially the main villain of Kamen Rider Eguzeido until his """death""" at the hands of Palladium, he becomes an ally of CR later on the series, having cemented his status as a living meme as Shin Dan Kuroto (lit. "Neo Kuroto Dan"), and later as Dan Kuroto Shin (lit. Kuroto Dan Deus).

Above all, Kuroto serves as one of the reasons why Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is better than both its Sentai partners, Furry Sentai Minecraftger and Uchuu Sentai Yossha Lucky. Unfortunately, neither Yamato, his husband Misao, his four pets, nor the Yossha Lucky Space Club actually met Kuroto in person, missing the chance of being blessed by the Game Master and his Godly Talents.

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Kuroto was born to Masamune "Deep Inside" Dan and Sakurako "Poppy Pipopapo" Dan in the 80s.

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  • Kuroto is portrayed by Tetsuya Iwanaga as both Kuroto, Shin Kuroto and Kuroto Shin.