Megaman Crusaders (working title) is a new idea thingyie that I have.

Core concept Edit

The Megaman in this thing uses a special brace that allows him to access the powers of different Megamen (Classic, X, Volnutt, Starforce, etc...) to fight the evil forces of Dr. W, maybe.

How it works is simple. Tap twice the button on the brace to display the Megaman options, rotate the button to select, input the verbal code "Mega Switch", then press once to confirm.

Thing is, he isn't the only Megaman with this kind of power; that's right, kids, there's an antihero type Megaman who uses other artifacts (Protoman, Zero, Bass); he starts fighting against the hero, only to join the latter soon after.

Power list Edit

Heroic Megaman:

  • Classic
  • X
  • Volnutt
  • Exe
  • Starforce

Anti-hero Megaman:

  • Proto
  • Zero
  • Bass

Villain Megaman:

  • Harpuia
  • Leviathan
  • Fefnir
  • Phantom
  • Weil