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The Ninjutsu Scrolls (二ンジュツスクロール Ninjutsu Sukurōru lit. Ninja Technique Scroll) are special scroll-like items that allow the user to perform special techniques called Ninjutsu. Used by Kamen Riders Shinobi and Hokage, they are compatible with gear like the Ninjutsu Driver and the Ninjutsu sword.

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There are four categories of Scrolls: Shinobi Scrolls, which Kamen Rider Shinobi uses to change between his forms; Kemono Scrolls, used by Kamen Rider Kemono to access his forms; Bushido, used by Movie Rider Bushido; and Ougi Scrolls, which allow a Rider to perform special Ninjutsu.

Shinobi Scrolls Edit

  • Mangetsu Shinobi Scroll - Grants Shinobi access to the Mangetsu Shinobi Kei
  • Rekka Shinobi Scroll - Grants access to the Rekka Shinobi Kei
  • Raiden Shinobi Scroll - Grants access to the Raiden Shinobi Kei
  • Koutetsu Shinobi Scroll - Grants access to the Koutetsu Shinobi Kei
  • Shingetsu Shinobi Scroll - Grants access to the Shingetsu Shinobi Kei
  • Muteki Shinobi Scroll - Grants access to the Muteki Shinobi Kei

Kemono Scrolls Edit

  • Tategami Kemono Scroll
  • Uroko Kemono Scroll
  • Tsubasa Kemono Scroll
  • Kyuubi Kemono Scroll

Bushido Scrolls Edit

  • Taiyou Bushido Scroll
  • Tenka Bushido Scroll

Ougi Scrolls Edit

  • Hissatsu Ougi Scroll
  • Imoshinai Ougi Scroll
  • Kemuri Ougi Scroll
  • Bunshin Ougi Scroll