Ryoma (Ryōma) is Green Cosmo (Gurīn Kosumo) of the Cosmomen

As Green Cosmo Edit

Key Traits Edit

  • He's a rich, spoiled and initially elitist kid.
  • As such, he looks down on people, yet he has manners.
  • He hates what he considers as "filth", wanting to clean said "filth" away.
  • This happens to be his reason to serve as a Cosmoman.
  • Despite having buttlers in his mannor, he tends to do some things himself.
  • Has a certain mastery of computer programming, which helps the rest of the Cosmoman in various occassions.

Other Stuff Edit

  • Short, slicked light brown hair.
  • Favourite type of music:
  • Favourite food: chicken soup
  • Favourite color: sky blue
  • Favourite animal: bears
  • Least favourite animal: pigs. "They're unbearably filthy."
  • Hobbies: Playing golf, reading, travelling around the world(s).