Is it not I who you look for?

Sally Andrews is a high school student who is given the Apollo Crystal, becoming the Solaris Red, the Red Ranger and leader of the Solaris Rangers.

As Solaris Red Edit

Forms Edit

Solaris Red

Gladiator of Light

(Great Gladiator Armor)

Hyper Solaris Red

Arsenal Edit

  • Helio Morpher
  • Solaris Disc
  • Crystal of Sol
  • Solaris Breaker

Character notes Edit

-Speech style inspired by Optimus Prime's.

--"Know who you are speaking with, my friend."

--"Yet again, who am I to stop you from wearing a serafuku?"

--"It is an honor to battle alongside you, my friends."

--"I was afraid that this would take place."

--"You could say that I am the very face of this school."

--"My dearest friends, let me see your Crystals."

--"The moment Sol trusted me with the Crystal was one that changed the course of my life."

--"Do not worry, Max. I am certain that she will fail trying to imitate me, for she lacks what makes me, me."

--"There is no reason Sol would not trust them, much less me, to protect this planet from the likes of you."

--"Whenever I step inside this school, it feels like the sun rises."

--"I... I did not forsee that... that I would be close... to losing you... I did not know... how much... I would be lonely... should you dissapear... I cannot believe... I missed you guys... this much... feels me with joy... to see that you are alive..."

--"On a world filled from end to end with paintings of all colors and sizes, one must know and learn the many manifestations of plastic arts across history."

--"One should learn it during the first years, as it becomes a part of you later on."

-Blonde, green eyes and very beautiful in many aspects.

-Has a giant ego, and is almost always confident that the odds are in her favor.

-Her ego eventually shrinks over time as she realizes the importance of teamwork.

-Has her wise moments from point to point.

-Fluent in many languages.

-Insanely talented painter, with a vast knowledge of plastic arts.

-First to meet Sol