Cpl. Sarah Castelo (カステロ・サラ伍長 Kasutero Sara Gochō), also known as Sarah-chan (サラちゃんSara-Chan) is a Unicorn Star Human that serves as Beat Cosmo (ビートコスモ Bīto Kosumo) of the Cosmomen.

As Beat Cosmo Edit

Arsenal Edit

  • CMG-01-006 Unicorn Cosmo Card - Sarah's personal Cosmo Card.
  • CMG-02-002 Shell Transer - Beat Cosmo's unique Transer, used to transform and to perform attacks.

Attacks Edit

  • With Unicorn Cosmo Card
  • Sparkly Fever - a Takedown attack where Beat Cosmo performs a series of powerful kick/punch combos against the enemy.
  • Sparkly Flash -
  • Miracle Dance-off - a Takedown attack shared with Blue Cosmo, where both she and Beat Cosmo take turns in performing powerful kicks against the enemy.

Key traits Edit

  • Really cute personality
  • Tries to see things positively
  • Discussion stopper
  • She sings really well
  • Cares about her fellow Cosmomen
  • Pacifist

Other Stuff Edit

  • Transfered from another corps (should be around ep 4 or 8); starts doing business as Beat Cosmo 10 eps afterwards.
  • Really cute and pretty, dark brown, shoulder-length hair, done in twintails with blonde ends, brown eyes.
  • Favourite type of music: Asian pop (J-Pop, K-Pop, etc)
  • Favourite food: Crackers
  • Favourite color: Light green
  • Favourite animal: Cats
  • Least favourite animal: Crows
  • Hobbies: Singing, writing lyrics, dancing, jogging.