Possible actual titles: -The Mighty Power Rangers -The Amazing Power Rangers -The Spectacular Power Rangers -The Marvelous Power Rangers

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Power Rangers Edit

-Jason Lee Scott - Red Power Ranger. Gets T-Rex powers, later a Dragon upgrade.

-Zack Taylor - Black Power Ranger. Gets Mammoth powers and a Lion upgrade

-Billy Cranston - Blue Power Ranger. Gets Triceratops powers, as well as a Pegasus upgrade.

-Triny Kurosawa - Yellow Power Ranger. Gets Smilodon powers, as well as a Griffin upgrade.

-Kimberly Ann Hart - Pink Power Ranger. Gets Pteranodon power set, later a Firebird upgrade.

-Tommy Oliver - Green Power Ranger. Gets Dragon powers and a White Tiger upgrade.

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Villains Edit

Rita Repulsa - Real name Rita Bandora, main villain

Goldar - Field Commander

Finster - Develops monsters and Putty Patrollers

Squatt - Tasked to assist Goldar

Baboo - Finster's assistant