Star Humans (星人 Seijin) are a species predominantely featured in Seijin Sentai Cosmoman.

General overview Edit

Star Humans are special beings made of cosmic dust that greatly resemble humans in both appearace and nature, hence their name.

Composition Edit

Star Humans are made of crystalized cosmic dust, which is the source of their energy, known as Star Energy (星力 Seiryoku). Each individual Star Human, however, has a different Star Energy signature, which classifies each into one of several types of Star Humans based on mythological creatures from Earth.

Powers Edit

Star Humans generally have the capability of teleportation, and generating light. Each Star Human, however, has a specific set of powers each, depending on what type of Star Human is.

Other information Edit

A Star Human may have the memories of a past life, considering that some Star Humans share some of the dust of a previously deceased Star Human.

There are at least two ways a Star Human is born: one is that of a normal human being, another is when a cluster of crystalized dust gathers into a Star Human, with his/her resulting appearance and mentallity varying.