Part 1: It's out there Edit

"Alright guys, we'll now look for new Resshas." -Koichi informs his friends about what they'll do next. "I have a plan, so listen carefully, please."

guys: ok

ko1: since you're not toqgers yet, ou have to stay with me for the moment when we search for the resshas

guys: ok

ko1: .

monster appear

monster: ikemasen

ko1: u wor m8

others: ko1

ko1: now watch a real smoqger giht



toq1 gifhts monster

noah: /:::::wahsutsoldwedsoaw:::::/

sakrmo: we gon smak dat mnu

monster: cros

cros appear

noah: waaaaaaa

moikiii: easy *fafs*

minorusan: ok

ksiaskai: ...shikatanai *kabukido*

tatakae fighting, when kros are bested 1 by 1


eventually, the monster is remain

ko1: u will not stand in mwayway


toq1 shash enemies so hard, that eventually weakens the enemu

minguail at evil base Edit

z: smoqgers, eh?

eaglos: yes

z: crapu

chuvarusama: masaka, smoqger has monster damaged

dartaurus: return him plz

eaglos: ok

Part 2: Becoming the yellow warrior Edit

smoqger still tatakae-ing but monster vanishes

ko1: nande?

asian noah iii: but most importantly, THE RESSHAS

ko1: good call, saburochan, alright mina

and so, le tosqgers go on and search for yellow ressha

eventually, ko1's thing beeps




the yellow ressha must be nearby

ko1: alright guys... dis is it

look over there!

as they look for it, the yellow ressha is found

ko1: alright guys, lets send this baby cabk to hq, we'll talk about it lagter

asian noah jr: etto.... y?

ko1: more will be explained later, now lets go to hq and then we'll look for the scope rleshahdresghr4erk ressha de aru

asian noah: alright m8

and so they go to hq, where they hand a toq changer to osamu and tell her to chenji into toq sango

Sasho: take this and smoq change as i tought u

Osamu: ok yo, TOQCHANGE

and so, 3gou is tanjou'd de aru.

osamu: wow! this is great!

ko1: that's good to hear

osamu: thx

ko1: now, we have to search for another ressha, ok?

guys: ok

Part 3: out der again Edit

toqgers are out der again, this time, looing for another lessha

ko1: alright, dis is uat willl do rightuuy now: since there are 2 smoqgrersgvewsdc now, we can now split into two groups, covering more ground. asian noah, haruka, you'll go with me

asian noah: if you say it so...

harkua: *nods*

ko1: osamu, you'll go with hikari iii

osamu: sure thing

hikari iii: right

ans do, the toqgers split to search the ressha into two teams: ko1 goes wit asian noah and haruka, while osamu goes with the other hikari iii.

each team is looking for the same lessha, and each one is esuipqed qith a lessha ttacker

osamu as she walks with hikatiiii: oi

hikari's gs: what, osamu-san

osamu: lets try searching the towers

hikari's gs: sorry, but i disagree

osamu: oh plz are u shy or what?

daisuke: it's that it would be rude

osamu: don't be that harsh man

then, osamu's tracker starts beeping




a new lessha must be close

daiskue: it muse be here, then

osamu: lets njust go in

daisuke: (lesigh) if u insisst ertzaertge

as the due go in, daisuke knocks le dooooor


knock in

a woman opens

daisuke: excuse our intromision, but we're looking for a train esque object

woman: a train esque object, you say?

daisuke: yes

woman: w8, i might know what you mean with that

daisuke: good, then.

woman: let me look for it.

daisuke: k

woman leaves in, goes to daigoger it up sagasu 4 le resslahsghrehjnasn

osamu: shouldn't we get it?

disuaeuakuaeksia: u wot m8? we shouln't get into other's house wo permission

osamu: rly?

daisuke: trust me

woman comes in, has le relshahdasa

osamu: neat, thx

meanwhile Edit

ko1, asian noah iii and haruka are still searching 4 the lessha

ko1: AAaaAA... no lessha found here

asian noah: i hope the osamu and the daisuke get the lessha

ko1: they better do

toqcom rights




asian noah: i wonder who it is?

ko1 checks le toqphone

ko1: it's osamu

ko1 answers

osamu: (via phone) we found lessha

ko1: good

osamu: we'll send u cordinates

ko1: understood

osamu: byebyebye

ko1 is happy

ko1: alright, let's head to the coordinates osamu sent to us

noah and kagura iii: right

but on the way, monster appears

monster: ikemasen

ko1: that's what you think

ko1 henges into a smoqger



ko1: noah, haruka, go to the coordinates, i'll handle this one

noah, haruka, right

monster: u wot m8? ur'e not running away desu, kros!

kros sanjo

ko1: WHAT

monster: kekekekek loaol hehehahahahhehhhhaehehee kekeke ur done now

noah: what should we do?

koichi: right now, i'd call osamu

noah: seems reasonable

calls osamu

meanwhile, at osamu land Edit

osamu hears call

osamu: moshimoshi

ko1: we have trouble over here

osamu: welp

koichi: henshin into a toqger like they told you

osamu: hai hai no need to worry yo

osamu finally henshins and henges into TOQ SANGO TOQ SANGO

the now yellow warrior is determined to help koichi out

osamu: ko1kun here i come. coi, daisukekun

daisuke: ok

osamu summons her lessha



yellow ressha is now here. osamu and the other man boards the train to the helping koichi initiative

now, at ko1's place Edit

ko1kun tries to tatakae with his friends, as osamu sanjous into the battlefield

ko1: good

now, ko1 and osamu get to fight as the toqgers

ko1: you better have the scope ressha, osamu

daisuke: i have it, by the way

ko1: cool, i need it

daisuke: ok


scope ressha set

osamu: ko1-kun try using the wave frash attack

ko1: ok

ko1 readies braster





bam enemi desd


toq1go cancels henshin

toq1 is reverted to le normal k1o

ko1: u did good, we will return to headquarters for te moment to talk about next mision

osamu: well then

asian noah: ok


ko1: ok guys get in

guys: k

le back to hq Edit

ko1: that was good, guys. now, let me tell you stuff stuff. for now, our top proiroty is to retieve the pink, green and blue resshas; this will allow us to unlock new arsenal to better combat evil,

noa; etto, like a team cannon, for example

ko1: yes, asian noah iii, but not only that: a giant robot that can deal with bigger kaiju

noa: interesting,

ko1: thanks. now, as you already know, there are two toqgers active; Me, and Osamu. That allows us to form two separate groups to find the Resshas in less time. To that effect, the suits have communication facilities to allow a ToQger to call each other.