Sentai Ideas. Basically, I sketch up some ideas for sentai seasons

DaiStriker Edit

  • Kenshin Sentai DaiStriker - (originally g-striker and k-striker) 剣神戦隊ダイストライカー
  • KuzakuStriker (Red, Vermilion bird, Fire) - Serious one.
  • ShishiStriker (Yellow, Lion, Earth) - As serious as Kuzaku, 2nd in command.
  • ToraStriker (Pink, Tiger, Air) - Girly girl.
  • GenbuStriker (Green, Tortoise, Wood) - More like Shinkenger's Chiaki.
  • SeiryuStriker (Blue, Dragon, Water) - Like Endolf and/or Marvy from Gokaiger.
  • DemonStriker (Black and Gold, Lion Oni, Thunder) - Hunts evil for a prize.
  • TenmaStriker (Teal, Pegasus, Stars) - One of winged sisters.
  • GarudaStriker (Orange, Garuda, Sun) - One of winged sisters.
  • Major protagonists
  • DaiStrikers - Known as the modern-day samurai warriors, they are actually combinations of the Kenshin and their chosen hosts.
  • Kenshin (Sword Gods) - Spirits who fought alongside the samurai back in the sengoku period. In the present day, they fight alongside their new chosen ones.
  • Robotto
  • StrikerEmperor - Red's zord forms the wings.
  • Story notes
  • The morphing calls are actually incantations.
  • The name of the "DaiStrikers" are explained.
  • Backstories of both the rangers and the Kenshin.
  • The founder of the DaiStrikers was actually evil prior to the start of the series.
  • Conflicts between individual DaiStrikers and evils.
  • Trivia
  • Only morphs and megazord formations are voice activated - the rest of arsenal is more like Heisei Riders'.
  • Morph: KenShin Powers, Summon Down!

Power Rangers A.S.T.R.O Edit

  • Power Rangers A.S.T.R.O.
  • Red Ranger - Japanese asian woman.
  • Yellow Ranger - Colombian latino man.
  • Green Ranger - South African black man.
  • Blue Ranger - New Zealander maori woman.
  • Black Ranger - German white man.
  • Setting
  • Base is in the middle of the australian desert.
  • Rangers work all around the world.
  • Notes
  • Nothing is voice activated. Not even the morphs.
  • No giant robots whatsoever.
  • No spandex suits; instead, body-fitting suit ala iron man.
  • Nanomachinery at work.

Power Rangers Beast Spark Edit

Adaptation of Zyuohger

The rangers are:

  • Red Beast Spark Ranger (Eagle): ANderson
  • Blue Beast Spark Ranger (Shark): Innis
  • Yellow Beast Spark Ranger (Lion): McGregor
  • Green Beast Spark Ranger (Elephant): A?
  • Purple Beast Spark Ranger (Tiger): RUiz

The megazords are:

  • Beast King Megazord - Eagle, Shark, Lion, Elephant, Tiger
  • Beast Brawl Megazord - Gorilla, Giraffe, Mole
  • Sixth's Megazord - Rhino, Wolf, Crocodile

The enemies are:


Mangetsu Sentai Starcaptor (?) Edit

  • Starcaptors (working title)
  • Red is girl. Wants to erase evil
  • Blue is jock. Strong and funny.
  • Yellow is girly. Big somehow.
  • Green is aloof. Loves books.
  • Pink is polite. Servant-like.

Denshioh Playerman Edit

Videogame-themed sentai.

The Playermen are:

  • Player 1, Red. His game is Whizkerz's World. appears as a cocky happy-go-yosha-lucky guy, when in reality is serious and protective, yet insecure.
    • Names = Ryou.
  • Player 2, Blue. His game is (unknown). He is brave and loyal, serving his superiors without hesitation. Has advanced knowledge about certain things.
    • Names = Takeshi Saito.
  • Player 3, Yellow. Her game is Survivor's Mission, a survival FPS game. Tomboy. She is silent, but rather violent and harsh. Hates liars. Able to make strategies.
    • Names = Kyoko Minami.
  • Player 4, Green. His game is (unknown). Buffy buff, a bit clumsy and mean, but overall honest in various ways.
    • Names = Hinata
  • Player 5, Pink. Her game is (unknown). Very beautiful, almost princess-like. Also girly and lively; she is supportive as well.
    • Names = Asami
  • Player 16, Black'n'gold. Her game is (Phantom Hunter). Silent, serious and red's sister. A bit solitary. Akira/Zaram-like in a sense.
    • Names = Madoka


  • PlayBrace - The core Playermen's changer.
  • PlayBrace Zero - Player 16's unique changer.
  • PlayZapper - The Playermen's standard sidearm.


  • Player King - The megazord of the core Playermen.
  • Player Phantom - The battlezord of Player 16.
  • Player Phantom-King - The combined megazord of all six Playermen.

Ryuusei Sentai Starranger Edit

Space sentai that is not kyuranger.

Themes Edit

  • Considering that Kyuranger's secondary themes are "luck" and the "constellations"... that's it! "Natural space phenomena." So...
    • Space phenomena (i.e. meteors, earth's magnetic field, etc.)
    • Legacy, idk.

Seijin Sentai Cosmoman Edit

Space sentai that is neither Kyuranger nor Starranger.

The Cosmomen are:

  • Red Cosmo: Powered by the Firebird(Phoenix)
  • Blue Cosmo: Powered by the Pegasus
  • Yellow Cosmo:
  • Green Cosmo: Powered by the Dragon
  • Pink Cosmo:
  • Beat Cosmo: Powered by the Unicorn

Tokkyu Sentai Railman Edit

The anti-ToQger. Engaging story, cool designs, etc.

  • Rail Red: Steamer (Steam locomotive)
  • Rail Violet: Magnet (Maglev)
  • Rail Blue: Electro (Electric Locomotive)
  • Rail Green: Metro (Subway)
  • Rail Yellow: Nova (Shinkansen)
  • Rail X: Exceed (Streamline Moderne)
  • Henshin is mount device onto bracelet, then scan it with Railman Pass.
  • Suit ideas: light shoulder pads, knee and elbow pads, color and white divided by black metro track-like line.