Railman! Railman!

Tokkyu Sentai Railman (特急戦隊レールマン Tokkyū Sentai Rēruman) is the anti-toQger.

Five individuals emerge in the fight against evil as the Tokkyu Sentai Railman.

Yet they discover that they're in a simulation, break stuff, realize they aren't human, etc.

Notes for suit: color and white separated by black track-like lines, light chest armor with shoulder pads, knee and elbow pads, helmet's top shaped like an engineer's cap, visor is akin to max steel and lightspeed rangers' helmets, complete with breathing devices.

Rail X's color scheme swaps black with neon orange, suit has motifs of X and streamline moderne, given that her (yup, the sixth is a she #YeahWhatBandaiToei) motif is Streamline trains. Tailcoat considered.

Railmen Edit

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Rail Red: Steamer (Steam locomotives). Steam-based powers.
Name Ryuji. Title: The train of mist

Rail Purple: Magnet (Maglev trains). Magnetism-based powers.
Name: Hanako. Title: The train of polarity

Rail Blue: Elec (Electric trains). Electric powers.
Name: Saito. Title: The train of thunder

Rail Green: Metro (Subway trains). Able to move below the ground.
Name: Kotaro. Title: The train of the underground

Rail Yellow: Shinkan (Shinkansen). High speed.
Name: Reina (previously Reika). Title: The train of speed

Rail X: Exceed (Art-Decó/Streamline Moderne). Speed of light, telekinesis
Name: Emi (Previously Rin, name went towards Rail Next). Title: The train of the future

Rail Next: Fury (Diesel). High speed, power increases with fury levels. Name: Rin. Title: The train of anger.

Arsenal Edit

Railman Pass

Steamer, Magnet, Elec, Metro, Shinkan, Exceed
Wheeler - increases speed, Megaphone - makes rail changer act as a megaphone, Lighter - to see in the dark, Engine - increases power and used for finishers, Metric - displays data about anything like humans monsters, Compass - summons compass to aidinnavigation
Press the button on the side of the Pass to activate it.

Rail Changer

Rail brace
"RAIL CHANGER.", "CHANGE." "READY TO DEPART.(HASSHA ORAI)", "STEAMER." (Alt Rock-based stand by jingle with train noises), "RAILMAN. RAILMAN."
Mount the Changer into the Brace, and swipe the Pass over the Changer to transform.
Remove Changer from Brace to cancel transformation.

Rail exceeder

The personal changer of Emi/Rail X.

Rail Buster

Railman Pass-compatible

Individual weapons

Steamer cannon. Spin the valve on the left side for lvl1, lvl2 and lvl3 attacks. Swipe a Railman Pass on the right for Powered attacks.
Magnet tbing thT allows you to change magnetism from north to south. Swipe a Railman Pass for powered attacks.
Elec Blade. Sword weapon. Spin thing on handle to change between currents. Swipe a Railman Pass on the blade for Powered attacks.
Metro Driller. Suited for underground combat. Pull trigger to spin. Swipe a Railman Pass for Powered Attacks.
Shinkan Dagger. Twin daggers. Swipe a Railman Pass for Powered Attacks.
Rail excecutioner. Pump action shotgun, with lvl1, lvl2 and lvl3 attacks. Swipe a Railman Pass on top for Powered attacks.
Fury drifters. Movie Railman's twin blasters/knuckle dusters. Press a button on the left side of either drifter to change attack mode. Swipe a Railman Pass on the right side of either drifter for a single Last Stop attack. Swipe a Railman Pass on the right of both drifters for a Twin Last Stop attack.

Robotos Edit

Railer Machines - large train-like machines used to fight enlarged threats.

Rail Rex - Combined from Steamer Railer, Magnet Railer, Elec Railer, Metro Railer and Shinkan Railer. Each one of them piloted by the respective Railman. Its activation command is RENKETSU: RAIL REX

Rail Knight - Transforms from Exceeder Railer, Rail X's personal Railer. Its activation command is RENKETSU: RAIL KNIGHT

Rail Max - Combined from the Twin Railers, North Railer (Piloted by Rail Red, Rail Purple and Rail X) and South Railer (Piloted by Rail Blue, Rail Green and Rail Yellow). Now, the Twin Railers are something special, as they have powers alluding to each Railman's special power, both separately and as Rail Max.

  • Each Twin Railer has a magnetic property; North Railer has a positive charge, while South Railer has a negative charge.
  • They are able to run at insane speeds, both on their own and as Rail Max.
  • Each Twin Railer has a distinct front locomotive car with a power each: North Railer has a Steamer front car that uses steam-based attacks, while South Railer has a Metro front car that can go underground.
  • Rail Max is armed with an electric-powered sword named the Elec Riser, used for the Maximum Crash finisher.
  • Additionaly, Rail Max is capable of telekinesis and teleportation.

Its activation command is RENKETSU: RAIL MAX