Hi, I'm WikiMan with the first entry of The Orange Megaphone, where I speak my mind regarding what happens in the Wikia universe.

Today's topic:
So-called Writters

To begin...

There's this thing that annoys me a bit, which is people saying false things and try to pass them as something real, like when Miley Cyrus' fans say she wrote Wrecking Ball herself, when in reality she didn't write that song at all (more over, Wrecking Ball was originally composed with Beyonce (as opposed to Miley) in mind, but ultimately was offered to Miley. The same happens when people with autism (sorry people with autism, but that's somewhat true) try to pass false information about movies and stuff as true. Not only they do that, they do it very, very poorly - they make horrid fake films, "crossovers", tv "shows" and video games, by comnining terrible "plots", the mixing up of random characters and terrible "drawings" to visualize what these kids call "ideas" or "dreams". Not only that, they also try to pass them as real stuff, complete with release dates and cast lists that aren't true at all (not to mention the bad grammar is present at times).

All over the place

At the start, I tho ught that these "stories" were merely exclusive to the Idea Wiki (the address is, so I tried to fight that issue with what I though would work back then, among those things were raising awareness so people are aware of this stuff (if you search "WikiMan" on that wiki, you'll see a lot of me wanting to "change" the wiki). But what happened? I get bashed, from the kiddies who make these stories to some of the Wikia Staff, claiming that "the wiki is fine as it is" while is clearly not fine at all. What happens next? Censorship - Sannse trying to squash my efforts of getting my message to be heard. It's just like politicians trying to silence the voice of sane people while protecting the "uneducated" (or something). Even though things between Sannse and me went better the next year (and a half), my last message still stands: The Idea Wiki is not fine at all.

Eventually, as time went by, I discovered that this issue wasn't just exclusive to the Idea Wiki: we have the Scratchpad wiki, the Pooh's Adventures wiki, another Idea Wiki, the Nick Plus wiki, the Sonic Advenures wiki and the SpongeBob & Friends Adventures wiki, all of which feature those crappy "fanfics" all over the place. While some of that kind of fanfics appear in other wikis like Power Rangers Fanon, these aren't as prominent as some good fanfics in there and are thankfully fewer in number.

Are they aware?

I thought that there weren't aware of this issue at first, but I was wrong: people are aware of this problem. There's the Encyclopedia Dramatica, which have articles on both the Pooh Adventures wiki and the Idea wiki (albeit in a more humorous nature), there's this blog on Tumblr called "hecknopoohsadventures" which mainly documents these ridiculous fanfics (although they started tackling issues with the Idea Wiki and the Scratchpad Wiki), there's this video which appears to be a reaction to these "Pooh's Adventures", and there's people on deviantArt trying to mock these so-called Adventures. Maybe they're not as aware of the Idea Wiki as I wanted, but hey that's a good start!

Defending the indefendible...

Over the years I've been dealing with the Idea Wiki's issues, I've met opposition from the kids who make that stuff, claiming it was "hard work" and even some Staff personel, namely Sannse, but Merrystar tried to oppose my ideas (albeit in a lesser degree), telling me to "leave those fanfics alone". ...really? Leave those awful fanfics alone? Not even laugh at how horrible they are? Seriously, I think that if I let those fanfics alone, they would be likely to proliferate all over Wikia - and almost no sane person would want that, right? Not to mention they also defend them because they consider it their "hard work" or something - surprisingly, despite how really awful the final product is, I can understand what they seem to say here, even though people work harder than these kiddies.

At least the guys at hecknopoohsadventures are people I can agree - these fics are terrible (or hilarious depending on how you see it) and I don't think sane people would like to defend them and their autors. Sorry if I offended the creators of such works, but that's the sad truth about these fanfics. But hey, there might be a solution for this: stop making those fanfics for good or try improving your fanfic skills so you can write better fanfiction yourselves (there can be a chance of me trying to solve this problem in a more peaceful manner,... who knows?).

Let me finish

Despite the fact that I didn't do much at the beginning, I managed how to raise awareness in a more effective way: I can consider posting my issues with this on Wikia's forums a bit risky, since I might either get "censored" by the staff, or face opposition by some people, specially those kiddies who like/make those fics (despite the fact that there might be people that would agree with me on this). I might try sites like reddit and tumblr because there can be less of these kiddies around those places. Still, it doesn't matter much for me: I will get this message spread across the interwebz as much as I can. And there shall be no Wikia Staff personel and no badfic-making kiddies that can slow down, much less stop me from achieving it. I'm serious. Don't.

Anyways, this should be it for the time being. Please give me some feedback on this post. Doesn't matter if these comments are negative or positive - I will try to answer them all no matter what.

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-wikiman meet. talk. 01:37, September 13, 2014 (UTC)